About Estate Living Today

Estate Living Today (ELT) is in part the actual software platform (tool) that Entry Pro uses to deliver service to you. ELT however aims to extend beyond merely providing the mechanisms for managing your access control. It aims to help build community and enhance community living, which we believe is the primary reason why many people live in residential estates. We want to give more self-managing functionality into the hands of the residents so that day-to-day tasks are as painless as possible. Things like having easy access to levy statements, or application forms, or booking facilities, or easy communication channels with the HOA, or recent alerts (what’s happening in their neighborhood) as well as some of the more seemingly obvious access features such as providing access to their visitors, domestics, etc. and being able to personally view reports on access activity; and oh so much more!

I sincerely believe that this vision will make life easier for both residents and management.

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