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I have some exciting news to share with you guys! 2020 no doubt brings with it its own sense of excitement. A new decade, a fresh start. Time to offload some of the baggage of the previous year / decade and make the most of starting afresh with the knowledge and experience of our past to make this year and decade the most successful one yet!

A new platform

As for the job of managing your estate, Estate Living Today (ELT) is very pleased to announce a fresh new look and some improved functionality. I’ve spent the latter part of 2019 re-factoring the entire platform so that we can capitalize on modern software trends and be able to adapt to changes and requests for new functionality far more quickly and easily. In fact there have been changes requested that have been all but impossible to implement until now.

Better communication

Additionally, I have created a Facebook page so that we can share our experiences and discuss improvements to the platform. It is now easier than ever to communicate directly with the creators of the platform! As I get a sense of where people may be struggling with aspects of the platform, I plan to create articles and video tutorials through which you’ll hopefully get a better feel for the product.

I would also like to schedule regular webinars / video conferences where we can chat face to face and discuss aspects of the platform – perhaps challenges you face every day and possible solutions to those challenges. It’s also great for us just to get to know each other a little better.

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